Uisce's Bio

Tangled in Fibres, photo by Mike Prendergast

My name is Agnieszka ‘Uisce’ Jakubczyk. I am originally from Poland, but I have been living in Ireland for over a decade, and I am known here as ‘Uisce’ (Irish for ‘water’).

I specialise in the art of embroidery. I am particularly interested in medieval techniques and images (embroidery on silk, linen and wool with natural beads and pearls, and all kind of threads, including gold and silver). I also experiment with modern embroidery, especially with various forms of collage involving other fibre arts. I was introduced to fibre crafts quite early in my childhood by my Mother, who is an accomplished and passionate needle worker. In my life fibre arts & crafts were competing over many years with studying music: I was learning to be a pianist, a weaver, a musicologist, I was singing in several choirs, a renaissance ensemble, a folk group. However when I discovered the world of embroidery I realised that this is an art of unlimited possibilities for expressions, techniques, inspirations and fascinating research. I started with working on Byzantine art, widening my field into medieval and antique styles and techniques.

Currently I am working on a large work depicting the Battle of Clontarf. I am also designing projects which will combine embroidery  with weaving, felting and fabric manipulation; these works will focus mostly on interpretive portraits and also on inspiring structures from photographs of nature made during my trips in Ireland (rocks, wood, leaves etc.).

I still keep a connection with music by practising the small harp. I am ocassionaly involved in the activities of the Society for Creative Anachronism, teaching embroidery during organised workshops.

I am also a very keen fencer, practicing especially the medieval art of the longsword.

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